Cold Case Submission

The Cold Case Coalition reviews cold cases and unsolved violent crimes submitted by investigating law enforcement agencies and their representatives. Complete investigative files are needed and should include a full copy of all reports, notes, crime scene photographs, autopsy reports, and related documentation. A one-page detailed synopsis outlining the case should be included with the case file submission. Coalition members will meet with agency representatives prior to completing a case review. Once the case review has been completed, Coalition members will complete a “Case Analysis Report” and “Investigative Strategy Report” before meeting with the submitting agency determine investigative alternatives. Please complete the below information and a Cold Case Coalition member will contact you within 48 hours.

Cold Case Coalition members have signed non-disclosure forms and a memorandum of understanding to ensuring that the case is held in the utmost confidentiality. All coalition members are retired local, state, or federal law enforcement officers.

Carolinas Cold Case Coalition


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